AyrMesh Cab Hub2 for OEMs

AyrMesh Cab Hub2 Board
AyrMesh Cab Hub2 Board

The Ayrstone AyrMesh Cab Hub is now available for OEMs in need of a resilient, reliable, mobile M2M capability. The AyrMesh Cab Hub, in conjunction with stationary Ayrmesh Hubs, can be used to provide RTK data for auto-steering today, as well as for moving prescription data to machines and recovering as-applied data. As we move toward automated machines on the farm, being able to move information to and from the machines becomes increasingly important. As different vehicles work together, effective Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications becomes vital for operations like “follow-me,” platooning and “swarming.”

Why WiFi?

WiFi has very simple advantages over other technologies for M2M on the farm

  • High Bandwidth – WiFi links are typically measured in millions of bits per second (Mbps); the AyrMesh Cab Hub typically can transfer data at 20-40 Mbps. Future WiFi radios will be able to transfer even more data per second.
  • Low Latency – WiFi uses local infrastructure to enable direct communications between machines and local resources. This reduces latency, enabling machines to respond more quickly to commands.
  • Simplicity – WiFi is an Internet Protocol (IP) standard, so it is interoperable with standard 802.3 Ethernet. This makes it very simple to integrate in an on-vehicle Ethernet network.
  • Standard – WiFi (802.11) is a a global standard, and there are literally billions of devices that use WIFi. The technology and standards are being continually advanced, which protects your investment.
  • Low cost – Because there are so many WiFi devices in use, the technology is very inexpensive.

Why Ayrstone?

Cab Hub2
AyrMesh Cab Hub2

Ayrstone has become the leader in on-farm meshing WiFi over the last ten years. We have perfected our implementation of 802.11s meshing WiFi technology – so much so we have been granted patent US9319903B1. Our experience with meshing WiFi in agriculture is invaluable, and the AyrMesh brand has become recognized as a leader in wireless farm networking.

The AyrMesh Cab Hub is a special version of the AyrMesh Hub2x2, using the same proven system software as the rest of the Hub2 line. It is available as an integrated unit with a strong plastic case and antennae, as a board-level product ready to be integrated into new vehicle controllers, or in other configurations.

Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your particular application.