Bringing the AyrMesh Network Indoors

We have focused our development of the AyrMesh Network on providing long-distance WiFi outdoors, to liberate our customers’ Internet connections from the inside of their houses and extend their Local-Area Network across their farms, ranches, and rural properties.

fully_assembled_400_wideHowever, of course, farms have buildings, and you need network connections inside those buildings, too. AyrMesh Remote Hubs and AyrMesh Receivers can be used to bring the AyrMesh network indoors, because they each have a “LAN” port on the power supply, which is usually plugged in inside where it can be kept dry. Plugging any device into that LAN port brings that device onto the AyrMesh network. You can plug a computer, IP camera, or other device into that LAN port, or you can connect an AyrMesh IndoorHub for indoor WiFi. The AyrMesh IndoorHub is a meshing WiFi device, so you can use additional IndoorHubs to extend the range in large buildings, and it has two Ethernet ports for adding non-WiFi devices to the network. Finally you can plug in an Ethernet switch like the AyrMesh Switch and plug multiple devices into the network.