AyrMesh IndoorHub

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Use the AyrMesh IndoorHub to provide WiFi in your home, outbuildings, offices, barns, and workshops.


Have good, strong WiFi, even inside buildings
The AyrMesh Hubs can be used to spread WiFi across the outdoors of your property, but it doesn’t always do a good job of bringing it indoors. The AyrMesh IndoorHub connects to the LAN port of your Hub, Receiver, or Bridge radio – or even your home router – to provide strong, simple indoor WiFi in your home, office, workshop, barn, or other building. It is normally connected to the LAN port of an AyrMesh Receiver or AyrMesh Bridge – the outdoor product mounted outside, up in the clear, connected with an Ethernet cable to the power supply inside. The AyrMesh IndoorHub’s power supply is then connected to the Receiver or Bridge radio’s power supply and is connected to the network.

Even better, the IndoorHub uses meshing, so you can use multiple IndoorHubs to spread WiFi through a big building without having to run cables!

The IndoorHub automatically adjusts its WiFi SSID and channel to avoid interfering with AyrMesh Hubs and Receivers, but it uses the same security passkey as your AyrMesh Hubs. It’s a perfect way to round out your AyrMesh network.

The IndoorHub is about 8 inches across, and included a mounting system that makes it easy to affix to walls or ceilings. It uses standard 48 volt 802.11af PoE for power.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 in
Q: Does the Switch check in to
— Asked on October 18, 2016
A: No, it’s just a local device.
— http://Administrator
Q: What does the Solar and Battery Power System do?
— Asked on March 13, 2018
A: The Solar and Battery Power System can be used to power an individual AyrMesh device. It is made by Tycon Systems, and we use their model RPPL2424-18-30. The way it works is that it contains batteries, a small charge controller and PoE injector box, and a solar panel. The panel charges the batteries, and they provide power to the AyrMesh device via the PoE injector. In our tests, an individual device can run several days without sun on the solar panel. If you want to run several devices (e.g. an AyrMesh Bridge and an AyrMesh Hub), you may want to get a larger model from Tycon. Contact Ayrstone Support and we'll help you configure your system.
— http://Bill%20Moffitt


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