Continuous Coverage vs. “Spot” Coverage

The current AyrMesh Hubs are not actually designed to provide continuous coverage; the Hubs use the maximum possible power so they can be placed as far apart as possible to maximize the area covered. However, weak WiFi devices (especially some phones and WiFi cameras) have a very limited range, so the coverage appeared “spotty” – indeed, with the Hubs at the minimum of 1 mile to the maximum 2.5 miles apart, the coverage appeared as spots around the Hubs with no signal in between.

The solution for this, of course, is the AyrMesh Cab Hub2 – because it has a high-power radio, it can keep in touch with the stationary Hubs and provide WiFi around your farm equipment or vehicles, so you have continuous coverage as long as you are in or around the vehicle.

However, many smaller farms, especially specialty farms, require continuous coverage for workers just walking around the property. The AyrMesh Hub2x2 and AyrMesh Hub2T cannot be placed close enough together to enable this, but the AyrMesh Hub2x2C can be placed half a mile apart (closer if you have trees or other obstructions) to provide that continuous coverage.

Because we recommend limiting your network to three “hops” of Hubs, this limits the size of the area that can be covered with the Hub2x2C, but note that the Hubs can be “mixed and matched” so you can have an “inner loop” of Hubs2x2C units to provide intensively continuous coverage around a central area and “outer loops” of Hub2T units to provide coverage to distant points (especially with use of the AyrMesh Cab Hub2).