AyrMesh Hub2x2 vs. AyrMesh Hub2T

AyrMesh Hub2T
AyrMesh Hub2T
AyrMesh Hub2x2

For the first time in our history, we are offering two different models of the AyrMesh Hub2 – the Hub2x2 and the Hub2T. What’s the difference?

Both Hubs will provide excellent range and speed to your WiFi devices – phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi cameras, sensors, controllers – there are literally millions of different WiFi devices that will work with the Hubs. If your device is equipped with 802.11n MIMO, the AyrMesh Hub2x2 will provide up to twice the speed of the AyrMesh Hub2T to devices also equipped with MIMO.

The Hub2x2 is designed to provide maximum bandwidth – up to 65 Mbps in testing. The Hub2T, on the other hand, offers limited bandwidth – up to about 35 Mpbs in testing.

One other consideration is power – if you are going to power the Hub with solar or wind power, the Hub2T only draws about 4.5 watts, while the Hub2x2 draws almost twice that.

Which to choose?

For your Gateway Hub, the Hub2x2 is almost always the best answer. If you have Internet service at less than 30 Mbps., it really doesn’t make a difference in terms of Internet speed, of course (your Hub can’t make your Internet access faster). But you will have more bandwidth on your own network, which makes simple things like printing or downloading a file off a local file share faster and makes it more practical to do things like stream media from a local server or use multiple high-resolution security cameras.

The main difference is in power consumption: the Hub2x2 uses about 8 watts of power, while the Hub2T uses about 4.5 watts. This makes the Hub2T preferable for any installation where power is critical, especially for solar/battery operation.

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